Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Member Condition and Termination of Membership

Active Member:
Member who pay up anuual membership fee to date

Inactive Member:
Member who not pay up annual membership fee to date

Termination of Membership:
For those who do not pay up annual membership for 3 years, membership will be automatically terminated. Once membership terminated, those who still serving in SMC still can go for fresh registration as a member.

Annual Membership Fee: RM5

Lifetime Membership: Pay up 10 years annual membership fee continuosly (or one off RM50)

1. Recruitment only open to existing SMC staff.
2. For member who transferred, retired, resigned etc can be club associated member with the pay up of annual membership fee (Lifetime associated member for existing lifetime member). He/She still can enjoy some of the club benefits.
3. For those who has no longer serving in SMC and not registerd as club member while he/she was serving in SMC, recruitment is not allowed.
4. Member can only enjoy the club benefits if he/she pay up the anual membership fee to date.
5. Grace period given to them who haven't pay up the annual fee for 3 years at the moment till 31/12/2017, the membership will be terminated then.

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