Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Club Logo Design Contest

Closing Date: 14/07/2017, Friday
In charge Officer: Mdm. Teng Ming Min

In order to have our official club logo, Logo Design Contest has been conducted, and the club logo been finalized as below

The mean of design

1. The swam represent Sibu and SMC.

2. The athlete with Malaysia Flag colors represent our club members active in sports and social activities.
3. The circle represent the unity of our club members

Contest Result:

Winner: Suzy Ting Siew Yieng

1st Runner-Up: Goh Chiang Hock
2nd Runner-Up: Raziq Ruknuddin Abdullah

Club President presenting Certificate of Appreciation to Logo Design Contest Organizing Chairperson Mdm. Teng Ming Min

Club President do take the opportunity to present Certificate of Appreciation to Blood Donation 2017 Organizing Chairperson, Mdm. Jessie Ting Nga Siong

Group photo of Logo Design Contest winners and committee

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