Sunday, February 11, 2018

Internal Competition 2017/2018

Schedule of 2017 & 2018 Club Internal Competition

Archery 20/08/2017 (done)
Bowling 10/09/2017 (done)
Futsal 23/09/2017 (done)
Petanque 30/09/2017 (done)
Sepak Takraw 29/10/2017 (done)
Badminton 04/11/2017 (done)
Carrom Competition 11/11/2017 (done)
Dart 11/02/2018 (done)
Ping Pong (to be confirmed)
Cooking & Water Polo (to be confirmed)

SMC Dart Competition 2018

Date: 11/02/2018, Sunday
Time: 8:00AM
Venue: Sibu Public Library
In charge Officer: Zainnal Ahmad


Men Open

Champion: Zainnal
1st Runner-Up: Edward
2nd Runner-Up: Abdul Rahman
3rd Runner-Up: Liew Sze Yiung

Women Open

Champion: Mastiah Bohari
1st Runner-Up: Catherine Sawing
2nd Runner-Up: Serah Entering
3rd Runner-Up: Mary Tunang