Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Presenting Subsidy to Mr. Jemat

Our member Mr. Jemat's house burnt down few weeks ago. Today our Club President, Mr. Tony together with committtee, presenting subsidy of RM1,000.00 to Mr. Jemat.

Club Logo Design Contest

Closing Date: 14/07/2017, Friday
In charge Officer: Mdm. Teng Ming Min

In order to have our official club logo, Logo Design Contest has been conducted, and the club logo been finalized as below

The mean of design

1. The swam represent Sibu and SMC.

2. The athlete with Malaysia Flag colors represent our club members active in sports and social activities.
3. The circle represent the unity of our club members

Contest Result:

Winner: Suzy Ting Siew Yieng

1st Runner-Up: Goh Chiang Hock
2nd Runner-Up: Raziq Ruknuddin Abdullah

Club President presenting Certificate of Appreciation to Logo Design Contest Organizing Chairperson Mdm. Teng Ming Min

Club President do take the opportunity to present Certificate of Appreciation to Blood Donation 2017 Organizing Chairperson, Mdm. Jessie Ting Nga Siong

Group photo of Logo Design Contest winners and committee

Sunday, August 20, 2017

SMC Archery Competition 2017

Date: 20/08/2017, Sunday
Time: 3:00PM
Venue: Sibu Archery Centre
In charge Officer: Mr. Shamsuddin Bin Narawi


Men Open

Champion: Ismail Bin Zaini

1st Runner-Up: Zainal Ahmad
2nd Runner-Up: Augustine Budeng Ak Belon
3rd Runner-Up: Khairulddin Bin Annuar
Top 5: Jackson Anak Sawing
Top 6: Mohamad Hassbol Bin Busri

Lady Open

Champion: Nadiana Binti Madhie

1st Runner-Up: Normawiti Hossen
2nd Runner-Up: Dygku Suriyati Bt. Hj. Awg. Sudin
3rd Runner-Up: Nurul Jasmin Binti Mohamad
Top 5: Azira Binti Abdul Hodi

Photo Gallery:

Presenting Certificate of Appreciation to Archery Coach



Presenting Encouragement to Augustine Budeng Ak Belon who score the Mark X

Men Top 6 and Lady Top 5

Participants Group Photo

Winner Group Photo

President Opening Speech

Games Moment

Saturday, August 19, 2017

MAKSAK Sibu Football Competition 2017

MAKSAK Sibu Football Competition 2017

Date: 19/08/2017
Time: 8:30AM
Venue: Football Field Jln Awang Ramli Amit

SMC Sports & Social Club as a appointed coordinator of the SMC, we have sent a team to participate in MAKSAK Sibu Football Competition 2017. Our SMC Football Team finally ended at the 2nd Round of the Competition.

SMC Football Team

Receiving Souvenir from Sibu Resident

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Member Condition and Termination of Membership

Active Member:
Member who pay up anuual membership fee to date and still serving in SMC

Associated member:
Member who pay up anuual membership fee to date and no longer serving in SMC

Inactive Member:
Member who not pay up annual membership fee to date.

Termination of Membership:
For those who do not pay up annual membership fee for 3 years, membership will be automatically terminated. Once membership terminated, those who still serving in SMC still can go for fresh registration as a member.

Annual Membership Fee:
RM5.00 yearly.

Lifetime Membership:
Member who pay up 10 years annual membership fee continuosly or one off RM50.00 when register as member.

1. Recruitment only open to existing SMC staff.
2. For member who transferred, retired, resigned etc can be club associated member with the pay up of annual membership fee (Lifetime associated member for existing lifetime member). He/She still can enjoy some of the club benefits.
3. For those who has no longer serving in SMC and not registerd as club member while he/she was serving in SMC, recruitment is not allowed.
4. Member can only enjoy the club benefits if he/she pay up the anual membership fee to date.
5. Grace period given to them who haven't pay up the annual fee for 3 years at the moment till 31/12/2017, the membership will be terminated then.

Subsidies to Fire Victim Member

The Committee has endorsed a new policy to subsidize Fire victim member on this day with the following

RM1,000.00 (90% and above house damaged by fire)
RM500.00 (30% and above house damaged by fire)

with the condition of

1. The property must be registered under member or his/her spouse name.
2. The said member must be stay in the said property.
3. The said member has pay up the annual membership fee to date.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

SMC Archery Competition 2017 - Training Session

Date: 13/08/2017, Sunday
Time: 3:00PM
Venue: Sibu Archery Centre
In charge Officer: Mr. Shamsuddin Bin Narawi

Training session arranged specifically for our club member to have a trial and experience in Archery in order to get ready for the competition on 20/08/2017. Photo During Training Session