Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Appointment of Committee 2017-2019

The appointment of new committee has been done on this day of 03/04/2017, the list of committee for 2017 to 2019 as below

PresidentMr. Tony Wong Tiing Huo

Vice President I: Mr. Yong Ing Chu

Vice President II: Mr. Abg Ahmad Zaini bin Abg Fauzan

Secretary: Ms. Michelle Hildalyne Jering Anthony Luta

Assistant SecretaryMdm. Doris Lau Pui Fong

Treasurer: Mr. Chua Hock Siong

Assistant Treasurer: Mdm. Annie Wong Poh Hoong

Committee member

Sports & Recreational

Mr. Joseph Siew Uh Huat
Mr. Ling Yiet Chieng
Mr. Tou Hua Lai


Mdm. Teng Ming Min
Mr. Freddie Chua

Social Welfare
Mdm. Jessie Ting Nga Siong
Mr. Pao Chiong Kiong
Ms. Chang Leh Na

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